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Maryland, Virginia, Metro DC and Worldwide

School Finders, an educational consulting firm in the Washington, DC metro area, meets the needs of parents throughout the nation and their children as they search for the best schools for their Kindergarten through college age students, or as they seek to implement home schooling.

We work with all children and their individual schooling needs: gifted children, children with learning differences or disabilities, "at-risk" children, and children who are bored or unchallenged in their current schools. We can also act as your child's advocate in dealing with issues (IEP, 504, etc.) you may need to raise with his or her current school.

School Finders can tutor and if you can not get to us, we can tutor thru Skype. We can also refer you to Homeschooling associations, and psycho-educational testing. We offer SAT / ACT classes with a 1 to 1 ratio, as well as SSAT prep classes and flex tests.

School Finders can assist young adults with college selection, application writing, and scholarships..

School Finders offers expert witness testimony for court cases involving a child's education or future educational needs. We can offer your attorney the services of an expert witness on educational and school issues should they require one. Having been qualifed as an expert witness, Dr. Judith Greenberg of School Finders can testify in court as to the specific educational programs and needs of your child or client.

School Finders works with your family to:

  • find a private school that will help to build your child's self-esteem

  • locate schools with classes for students with special talents or challenges.

  • meet the needs of those with learning differences and challenge the student to be successful in learning and school work.

  • meet the needs of "at-risk" students, whether they are LD, ADD, ADHD, brain-injured, bored, need tutoring, require smaller classes with more flexible teachers, or are just lost in a school and school system that has become too large for most students. We find programs for students needing to be sent to schools for emotional or health reasons.

  • act as an advocate for your child at school meetings to be certain that your child receives every possible accommodation.

  • develop strategies to help your child feel empowered, rather than victimized, by the school system.