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school finders appleAfter School Tutoring

Our tutoring center is available for 1 on 1 help with daily homework, now and then projects, reading assignments or on- going assistance with a learning issue. Our director and tutors all have experience in working with various types of learners and each student receives the necessary attention to help him or her achieve success.

We work with all ages, subjects and grades. The center hours are 2:15- 5:00 pm and Saturday hours can be arranged with enough advance notice. Our rates are reasonable and we aim to help students learn and like it!

We can also provide organizational coaching for students with executive skills issues. Using his/her own homework assignments, we create a process that fits that student's quirky way of becoming organized, ready to learn, to complete and turn in assignments. We can work with all major subjects and also subjects such as Photo shop, forensic science, keyboarding, reading and math readiness.

We offer summer sessions in which students can complete as many as 4 high school credits and review or advance in a subject that may be a difficulty. Students who are at risk for regression can also participate in our summer programs.