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If any of the behavior profiles outlined below sound like your pre-teen or teen, then it is time for your family to take actions. You are not alone and blame is not a word or thought to deal with now. Help is the action that is needed.

There are many programs throughout the United States and many countries of the world that help students find the core of values that have dropped from their lives and left them feeling so damaged and lacking in self-esteem.

The staff at School Finders, LLC spends time researching these programs, speaking with families who have had children attend the programs and with the program directors in order to help your family find the best fit.


  • Suddenly changing friends
  • Sleeping all day and up all night, sleeping nearly all the time
  • Not coming home at night or even for days at a time
  • Refusing help
  • Skipping school and/ or Failing school
  • Abusive to family member(s) verbally and/or physically
  • Hiding his/her belongings or showing up with new items and claiming they are borrowed
  • Using or abusing over the counter meds or alcohol/drugs
  • Spiraling grades
  • Lack of interest in previous favorite things
  • Lack of focus
  • Behavioral problems at home and/or at school
  • Emotional concerns
  • Recent loss
  • Severe frustration from learning difficulties
  • Depression and defiance

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