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School Finders, LLC provides a mentor program that includes any of the following for students and parents who wish to home school:

  • Develop a curriculum and work on individual goals, projects and grade appropriate learning experiences.
  • Help students become motivated by their own successes, begin to enjoy learning, feel respect, and take responsibility for their education. Parents often see the spark of a student's curiosity catch fire again in this type of tutoring situation. Parents are partners in this process and work in conjunction with Dr. Greenberg.
  • Suggest home school programs and on-line curriculum to be used by students.
  • Tutor subjects in person or by email and
  • Arrange for tutors in other subject areas.
  • Schedule a weekly session(s) to help students set goals, keep track of assignments, hours for credit and other experiential credit for course work.
  • Organize transcripts for college applications.
  • Portfolio development of experiential and work experiences can be part of mentoring.

Each student can advance at her or his own speed and pace. Whether gifted, LD, average, or somewhere in-between, every student's tutoring program is designed to fit that child's interests, learning style and special needs. Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., an educator with over 40 years of experience, mentors and supervises students who are home schooling, regardless of program or affiliation.

Home schooling allows differentiated instruction for every student. As a mentor, I have an opportunity to get to know each student's needs and learning styles and work with them in this encouraging manner throughout the year. In a diverse population of learners and learning styles knowing a student's strengths, weaknesses and interests enables me to gain the trust of each student and help young adults like to learn. I aim to assure success, not create failure in each student.

Families should understand that these tutoring hours are not to be considered as meeting the compulsory school attendance requirements law, and that students are expected to work at home to complete such hours. This work must be under the direction of the parent(s) in charge of the student's Home Instruction.

Benefits of Home Schooling:

  • The child learns for the fun of learning, not just for a grade.
  • Students can often learn at a faster pace than school allows.
  • They have long, uninterrupted blocks of time to write, think, read, research, learn in the communtiy, or work on an activity.
  • Students become more responsible for their own learning and realize that learning can take place in a large variety of ways.
  • Learning is more challenging and less busy work. This allows for a less hectic lifestyle for the whole family.
  • Students work for internal satisfaction rather than external reward.
  • The student's desire to learn and explore is ignited and maintained.
  • Colleges like homeschoolers!

Home schoolers may come for tutoring and/or mentoring throughout the week between the hours of 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.

Post Graduate: Students attending community colleges or local colleges who wish to work with tutors on a scheduled basis can make appointments throughout the week between or after classes.

Summer tutor sessions start the end of June and complete in mid-August.

We also work with students needing regularly scheduled homework or study skills and those who want to get help for individual subjects or occasional assignments.