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school finders appleMeet Dr. Judith Greenberg

For over 40 years, Dr. Greenberg has worked with the educational needs of students and their families. As an educator, she has taught in public and private schools in Washington, DC; Prince Georges County, MD; Montgomery County, MD; and in the state of New Jersey.

Dr. Greenberg is the founder and director of School Finders, serving the DC metro area, the nation, and countries abroad. She is also author and co-author of over thirty-seven books for children and teens including A Pioneer Woman's Memoirs, winner of the Notable Children's Book for 1996 award. Dr. Greenberg has a Ph.D. in Community Education.

Services of School Finders

  • Consultations to answer questions about private schools.
  • Full consultation with family to help select private schools and colleges
  • After college educational career placement
  • Referrals to area testing services, health consultants and tutors.
  • Advocacy assistance at school meetings.
  • Development of strategies for difficult classes, new school situations, and student-teacher personality issues.
  • SAT Prep classes
  • Private school testing
  • Qualified expert witness testimony in family law and personal injury cases including Traumatic Brain Injury.