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school finders applePrivate School Placement

School Finders mission is to find the best fit for your student as we search for a private school. Whether you are considering single sex, co-ed, a day or boarding program, we take the interests, learning styles and future plans of each student into consideration.

Working with students from pre-k through grade 12 and post graduate high school years, we have visited and developed relationships with many schools in the US, Canada and throughout the world.

Our approach to private school placement includes the following steps:

  • An email or phone call from parents

  • An office or teleconference or SKYPE consultation to gather information, meet the student and parents and intake paperwork.

  • School Finders begins a search for possible schools and contacts the family with a list of schools and their websites so the student and family can get an initial look at each school. This list will then be adjusted and schools may be eliminated or added.

  • A chart of schools, contacts, deadlines, on-line or paper applications, requirements such as a entrance exams, essays, letters of recommendations and so on is created to track the process.

  • We discuss interview and visiting techniques with the student.

  • Both parents and students begin to complete applications and receive assistance from Dr. Greenberg as needed.

  • Once applications are in, visits are made and all paperwork is completed, the family can still receive advice or ask that Dr. Greenberg call a school for information.