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The secret to high scores on these entrance exams is not a mystery. It is actually simple:

  • Learn as many vocabulary words as you can.
  • Develop strategies & skills for quick but efficient test taking.
  • Become confident.
  • Get yourself into a "Focus Zone"

It is simple for School Finders because we have helped so many students to achieve these goals and successfully be accepted into the colleges and universities of their choice.

School Finders, LLC works with students throughout the year as they prepare to take these tests. We charge a flat fee or can charge hourly if a student only needs some review based on the scores on a previous test. If the student does not score in the range we expect, we will look at the results to determine which areas were most difficult and re- tutor these at no extra cost.

The best time to start SAT/ACT prep tutoring is in a student's junior year of high school, however summertime and the start of senior year are also good.

Our goals of familiarizing students with the test and giving them the knowledge of how to be good test takers enables them to feel confident and ready to tackle the "big test". They are able to stick to the timing we have taught them and the skills they need for a good score.

We also prep students for graduate school exams, community college assessments and vocational school assessments.