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school finders appleSSAT/HSPT Prep for Private Schools Entrance Exams

Each private school has a different requirement policy for admissions exams.

Be certain to check with your school of interest to find out which test your child should take and if the school even requires testing.

Both the SSAT and High School Placement Test (HSPT) are designed to measure a student's potential performance in private schools. These are not tests meant to measure intelligence. Students are graded by their score and how that score compares to others in their grade taking that test. Test taking skills and the confidence needed for a long test in an unknown place are important aids for a student of any age.

At School Finders, LLC, we spend time explaining the test sections, how to use strategies in each section to eliminate wrong choices and then find the correct answer. We work on learning vocabulary, essay writing techniques for the SSAT, math reviews, analogies and reading comprehensions skills. Often just understanding what the question is asking, helps students to find the answer. We work on that, too.

We help students understand and prepare for the importance of putting forth a best effort and leaving nervousness at home. We even help them get ready with advice on how to dress, eat and get plenty of sleep the week before the test.

We charge an hourly rate fee and usually recommend 2.5-5 hours of prep, depending on the student's needs.